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Learn environmental science, explore and conserve our world with an Environmental Studies degree

你喜欢户外活动. There's something about being in nature that makes you come alive. 作为环境研究专业的学生, 你会学到生态学, 自然历史, 环境经济学, 环境法律与政策, 可持续性, and creation care within the context of current trends in research, 公共利益, 以及就业增长. In addition to exploring scientific theory and practice, 自然世界的知识, 以及法律问题, the Environmental Studies curriculum integrates the creation care elements of stewardship, 道德, and wilderness spirituality into the existing environmental dialogue.


Environmental Studies majors spend a considerable amount of time both in the classroom and outdoors, exploring the ecological processes that govern life on Earth, learning to identify plants and animals in the field, gaining expertise with field methods and GIS mapping techniques, 讨论经济, 法律, and sociological aspects of environmental issues, examining various aspects of 可持续性, and helping others realize the practical and spiritual importance of caring for the natural world.

The goal of this program is to create an engaging, 有关, multi-disciplinary program of study that prepares students for a variety of career opportunities in environmental consulting, 环境服务, 环境教育, and research arenas as well as for graduate degree programs in a variety of related fields. 我们的 students have the opportunity to participate in domestic travel to a variety of environments, from the Appalachian Mountains to Death Valley.

Is the Environmental Studies Major right for you?

You might consider the Environmental Studies major if you enjoy being outside and have a passion for learning more about the natural world we live in, want to educate others about environmental issues and the benefits of environmental stewardship, or plan to pursue any career with an environmental focus.


Amber Goss - Environmental Studies Major



This program opens the door to many career possibilities including:

  • 环境顾问
  • 生态学家
  • 动物园管理员
  • 公园管理员/博物学家
  • 渔猎监督/官员
  • 城市/地区/环境规划师
  • 水土保持/管理
  • 环境影响分析师
  • 森林管理员/官方
  • 自然资源专家
  • 公共利益游说者
  • 科学老师





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