心中有勇士. 你的w88体育经历可能只会持续几年, 但你和南卫斯理会的联系可以持续一辈子. 通过活动、出版物和社交媒体与w88体育保持联系.

SWU充满信仰的社区由学生组成, 对学习和成长充满热情的教职员工, 无论是在教室里还是在教室外.








Go further when you earn your Bachelor’s in Business Administration online.

准备好带头了? 一切都从这里开始. 我们的 online bachelor’s degree program is just what you need to land a career in the world of business. 在SWU, you’ll learn what it takes to lead a company to the next level while gaining an understanding of business ethics rooted in Christianity.


  • 商业理论
  • 会计
  • 商业法
  • 经济学
  • 金融
  • 国际业务
  • 管理
  • 市场营销
  • 统计数据

更不用说, 我们表现最好的课程是地区认可的, 灵活,由现实世界的专家教授. 准备好迈出下一步? 我们对你们有信心. 应用在这里. 



你会成为什么样的商业领袖? At SWU, you can pick a path that aligns with what you’re passionate about.


在我们的经济和金融集中, 你将培养成为一名金融分析师所必需的技能, 金融服务销售代理, 财务主管或财务经理. 你的课程将涵盖以下主题:

  • 单变量导数和多变量导数
  • 预测数据
  • 管理经济学
  • 银行
  • 金融市场
  • 投资分析

如果你想沉浸在商业世界中, you can take any combination of at least four (4) courses totaling 12 hours (minimum) from our approved business courses or via accepted transfer credit. 使用前缀(如ACCT)指定的已批准类, 商业, 经济学, MKMT和MGMT, 超越核心需求, may be used to fulfill the 12 hours of concentration courses and help you dive into the business world.


主修人力资源管理, you’ll learn best 实践 for the development and supervision of an organization’s employees. 如果你:

  • Enjoy interacting with and serving people at all levels of an organization
  • 想要提高自己解决问题的能力
  • 喜欢管理个人或团队的多种需求

我们的 BSBA with Human Resource 管理 Concentration fully aligns with the Society of Human Resource 管理 (SHRM) HR Curriculum Guidebook and Templates. 全世界, 340 programs in 259 educational institutions have been acknowledged by SHRM as being in alignment with its suggested guides and templates. The HR Curriculum Guidebook and Templates were developed by SHRM to define the minimum HR content areas that should be studied by HR students at the undergraduate and graduate levels.


在我们的管理集中, you’ll learn to make sound decisions and oversee operations while developing the skills necessary to advance to the highest levels of any business.


  • 喜欢管理流程、资源和人员
  • 已经或想要培养解决问题的能力
  • 寻找灵活性,喜欢适应不同的环境

我们的 市场营销 concentration will help prepare you for one of the most versatile career paths. 本课程深入研究了市场调查, 整合营销传播与品牌战略. 结果? 你会成为一个有创意的人, problem-solving professional that’s ready to help organizations everywhere tell their stories.


我们的 供应链管理 concentration will teach you how to become a sourcing and logistics expert. Help companies optimize their processes and find ways to become more profitable. 你将直接学习供应商如何, 中介机构, third-party providers and customers influence the management of supply and demand both within and across companies.

The BSBA with a 供应链管理 concentration is a great choice if you:

  • 对供应链中的流程和材料管理感兴趣
  • 有或想要培养分析和解决问题的能力
  • 享受组织内的计划和协调功能


Hear about BSBA graduate Vanessa Miller and her journey to starting her own business.



加入SWU商学院毕业生的成功行列! Program alumni have gone on to work for companies you may have heard of, like:

  • 汽车.com
  • 爱德华。琼斯
  • 艾略特·戴维斯
  • 企业租赁
  • 安永会计师事务所
  • 第一国民银行
  • 家得宝(首页 Depot)
  • 杰克逊营销集团
  • 毕马威(KPMG)
  • 市场人员
  • 皮肯斯县学区
  • Queensborough银行
  • 三县技术学院
  • 田纳西大学查塔努加分校
  • Verizon无线
  • 沃尔玛
The low student-faculty ratio fosters an ideal learning environment that allows students to connect better with both professors and classmates. Learning to work cooperatively with other classmates equipped me with group skills that are essential in life and business."
“在w88体育,你学习生活技能和人生课程. For me, it fostered intangibles like communication, responsiveness, integrity, trust and confidence. I would not have had the confidence to take on an Ivy League graduate school or the world's business and financial hub in Manhattan if not for the confidence developed and nurtured at SWU."
Alex Baxter, BSBA毕业生


在节目的最后, you may be required to complete a comprehensive examination designated by the program. 具体细节和要求请咨询商学院.




  • 提交 完成应用程序
  • An official high school transcript if transferring fewer than 15 credit hours from accredited colleges or universities. 高中最低累计绩点平均2分.0.
  • 首页 school students must provide evidence of membership in an approved home school association and provide an official transcript with a 2.0级 平均得分4分.0 scale; otherwise, 申请人 必须提交GED成绩.
  • Transfer students who have attended other colleges or universities must provide official transcripts from each school attended. 学生必须至少获得2分.所有大学课程的累计GPA为0.
  • 提交所有军事成绩单,如适用.
  • 国际成绩单必须由批准的机构评估. 美国大学注册和招生官员协会 可以做这个评估,和 全国证书评估服务协会 提供已批准的机构列表. From the NACES list, Southern Wesleyan recommends using World Education 服务 or Josef Silny.
  • Applicants for whom English is a second language must meet the official TOEFL score of at least 550 (paper test), 213(电脑测验), 或证明同等的英语熟练程度, 比如总分6分.雅思成绩0分或以上.
  • Satisfactory interview with a designated committee or academic division, if required.

了解更多 从被认可的学院和大学转学分.

有问题? 我们可以帮忙. 请致电864-644-5550与招生代表联系  .


根据1964年民权法案第六章的规定, 第九条 of the Educational Amendment of 1972 and with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, w88体育不存在种族歧视, 国家的起源, 性, 或在任何政策上有身体缺陷, 实践, 或过程. The university reserves its right to operate as a church-related institution and to develop policies consistent with the religious tenets of its sponsoring denomination, 卫斯理教会.

Additional information related to SWU’s non-discrimination policies include:




Commencement ceremonies are held on SWU’s campus twice a year in May and December. 在线 graduates who complete their degree program of study at the conclusion of the summer semester will have their degrees conferred at the December graduation. 结业通知书 are available to graduates who wish to confirm to their employers that they have completed their degree program upon request through the Office of Academic Records ( ). 我们期待很快与您一起庆祝!





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